we’re free to fly the crimson sky


U2 – Even better than the real thing

– Vivid – Red 05 by [e] (elikapeka reopened!)
Skin –  winter skin in light1-3(tooth) [ROMI SKIN]
Lashes – Twiggy by Redgrave
Jacket –
My belted jacket from (Milk Motion)
Skirt & necklace
– part of (fd) Bride Dress (Sad) (for halloween)
Boots – [Docs V2] 8 Hole – F – BLACK by GOS
Pose – (marukin)
(old hunt gift), second picture – Iris M. for This is a Fawn (n/a)


I’m not sure about this look but don’t get enough time lately to work on much. Having my finals currently, should be revising instead. ahhhhh!

Hungry Hearts

Hungry Hearts (new and oh-so-free) Yayy finally wordpress is working! :D yes, been slacking off. Well, I own a pair of these stockings in real life and have decided to make similar ones here too. Uh, ive decided to at least try making the feet part of the stockings to make them full length stockings so yes, in the folder you’ll find that version too, although not worn in the picture. It has shitty seams at the back. So anyway, just IM away if you want them (:

Skin – Redgrave Lyla
Hair – Lamb Babys on fire
Flats – 50 Flats Marine
Tank and shorts – Armidi
Tights – mine :) (free) (oh i forgot to mention that they are sheer)
Poses – [LAP] and V.Poses


Chasing storms

One last post before I leave ;o For where I come from, there’s always violent monsoon storms and right now, the rain is pouring in from the window itself. I don’t mind the rain but it’s the blackouts I get that I hate. Anyway, it seems that I’m inspired by black lately! Honestly, black looks good on anything!


Hat – Bowler Hat by Tesla

Hair – Teased Up Resturant Ketchup by Lamb

Lashes – Twiggy by Redgrave

Skin – Babushka-ya-ya by &Bean(halloweens freebie)

Sweater-dress – Cuddle Maxipull in black by Fishy Strawberry

Leggings – barbee (gift for SWITCH mall)

Boots – J’s gift Laceup Short Boots (group gift!)

Skybox – Lithium

Furniture – and.birds, Modd.g – Living in the drifts

Poses – Pididdle, Juicy (maxim models)

now, stay away from roasting any elves,