I say meese

Hi (: this is a new freebie i made, a pose. I got tired of failing at making more clothes so I thought poses could be easier. xD I was wrong. As usual, just ask me for it. I’ve been thinking of renting a space for just a while so that you didn’t have to go through me to get anything i made for fun. Actually, I made a pack of poses but sl would not let me in since a couple of days ago and I couldn’t log in to upload them. Also, if there’s a delay, it must be me not being to get in sl again! Actually this pose is kindof an inside joke. Me and my best friend just couldn’t say moose as a plural. >.<

Clothes details are in the last post! :)


2 thoughts on “I say meese

  1. oh this pose is so cute! ♥
    just found it yesterday in my posefolder suddenly :o lol!
    tysm for that one xanadu,
    and oh btw..youre soo spoiling us! lolol <3
    i love the stuff youre making :] and would love to see that pose-set you made hehe:D

    peace out! xoxo
    Ps: say meese :D

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