Military Leggings!

Seriously, this is prolly the dumbest thing I ever thought of making and ended up making. Well I was working on something else, then it didn’t go very well so I seriously pissed off and almost sworn off photoshop. It doesn’t take a genius to realise me and photoshop don’t go hand in hand. In the afternoon I simply scribbled these up and yayy if the military had leggings, they would have these. I wouldn’t call this a look but I quite like it:) Tiny bird is perhaps my favorite hair store and I can’t wait to see more releases from them! I’ll post a couple of looks soon. :D sorry have been lazy on that. All I do is just put on something  random and prance around for days in it.

xbordeaux - Military Leggings!

Hair – Kissy Kissy in Stein Silver by Tiny Bird
Skin – Elf in Moonbeam(Light) by Curio (Christmas gift)
Eye decor – Tears (smudged) by [glow] studio
Necklace – You Broke Me by *UB* (omg sorry i know i keep using these, i can’t help loving black pearls!)
Top – Mai! (old freebie)
Leggings – Military Leggings! by yours truly:) (Anyone who wants it just im me or wtv!)

P.S. The pictures are considerably raw. I didn’t mess with the colors, just some shadows.

Note: I just did some research and turns out..the military DID have leggings. Now that is weird.


6 thoughts on “Military Leggings!

  1. I like this look as well.
    I think it’s awesome how well the skin and hair and also leggings complement everything.
    And ;oo thank you for adding me to your blogroll by the way.

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