Life in acoustic

Sometimes I listen to acoustic songs, only, just for a day or a week. It brings about the final note to me, the close to the finished book. Okay ); enough with the dullness. I don’t want to be spreading the sullen mood.

Life in acoustic

Life in acoustic2

Skin – &bean Pillow light (group gift)
Hair – TRUTH Rachel Seaspray
Necklace –  *UB* You Broke Me! *black* by Urbanity
Bracelet – Fantastic four by chuculet
Inner Top –  Artilleri -Renee bikini in red (Skipping stones hunt)
Outer Layer Top –  (paperdoll) plunging halter in black
Belt – Gotta grunge by *SF* (closed down?)
Finger tape – Linc* (dollarbie in store)
Jeans – Emery

Goodnight, x.
p.s. the tattoo is sort of by me, the images are not my drawings, if anyone wants it you can ask me;p.
edit – note that my tattoo has loads of ugly seams T______T my bad.

8 thoughts on “Life in acoustic

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  2. Hi! Your tattoo is so nice! I really love pin-up drawing.
    I’d like to have it *__*

    If you want you can send it to Kaetel Seubert in-world.

    Thank you!

  3. OMG! I loved your tattoo! So original! I would also like to have it !If you want to send me, the name of my avatar is Layla Ganesvoort.
    Thank you!!

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