Trick or Treat!

Sometimes, Halloween gets bigger than Christmas. I love Christmas too but Halloween is my favorite. What’s better than to prance around in crazy halloween outfits? Today I’ve put on random items out of my Halloween folder and truth to be told, I’m not sure if I’ve paid for any one piece of the outfit. Okay, enough blabbing and here we go. Oh, drats! I forgot to put on the creepy ghost eyes from Rotten Toe!

Happy Halloween, stay safe(:


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The cutest store ever, Beetle Bones had a sale a week ago and so, I bought a couple of pieces but I had no idea how to put them together. I just went through my entire trashful of inventory and clicked on whatever that sounded nice. So here we go.

Apologies if the ps work has gone over the top, I’m experimenting ;P

Details after the cut,

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Day one

Hiya, I’m just a fellow second life addict who loves sl fashion. I’m not rich at all so I don’t cover stuff like latest releases or luxurious items, but more of the budget fashion. Oh, and I’m new to photoshop so don’t expect any of those awesome stuff cause I’m not at all good in it!:D If you’ve got any tips, please share, thanks. This post is using my first on-location photographs (Auer, Lux Aeterna) featuring the rather out-of-date Malt Allyn Shirt in white. I’m not any better at on-location compared to studio anyway haha. And, pardon the second picture, it’s overexposed or somewhat; I did something wrong!

Details after the cut(: hope it works. I used to work with blogger only.

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